Sparkling Society was founded by Edwin Morren and Mark Peeters. Together with a strong team of designers they develop and publish games for mobile devices. Edwin is responsible for the game development, Mark is responsible for strategy and relations. The company develops games with the ambition to engage players into fans, i.e. “members of the sparkling society”. Together with this strong and rapidly growing community of almost half a million Facebook followers, Sparkling Society tries to bring the best gaming experience for and with the players around the world.


Mark Peeters

We are very actively interacting with our community and listen to the ideas, feedback and complaints very closely. Our players help improving the games further and have great ideas on what features to add to make a game even more fun. It is wonderful to share our passion and love for gaming with our fans like this!”




Edwin Morren

12 Years ago I started with a cardgame website in my spare time, but after a few years of work in the mobile industry, I really wanted to develop something for mobile devices as well. That’s when I started developing for Android, at the end of 2011. It took me many months, but eventually I was able to publish an early version of City Island. I was thrilled when it turned out that many players around the world love to play it every day! What could be more fun than developing something that so many people really like? Well, maybe my little son that was born last year, but besides that I cannot think of anything else ;-)”


Mark Peeters

“Edwin and I have been friends since we were students approximately 10 years ago and we share the passion of gaming. In the early days it was all about PC games, later we played a lot of XBox games and since a couple of years mobile games as well. From this, Edwin missed a fun Sim City like game on mobile and that was the point that he decided to start develop one himself. This got the ball rolling with the first game City Island that was published on Android last year. From there we started the company “Sparkling Society” together. Now our goal is to produce multiple games on multiple platforms this year. Currently we have our games developed for Android based app stores (Google Play, Apple Appstore, Amazon). At the moment we are setting up a partnership with two other passionate companies to develop our games for iOS as well. In the last quarter of 2013 he first game for iOS will be published.”

Edwin Morren

“Mark and I are both passionate gamers ourselves, so we get inspiration playing other games a lot. Furthermore, we are both really creative and extremely passionate about our own games, so we have a roadmap and ideas for the upcoming years. Besides our own inspiration, we have a very active player community -the “Sparkling Society”- that provides us feedback and ideas all the time. We listen carefully to our players and try to find ways to incorporate as many ideas from everybody into the game. Our limiting factor is not inspiration, but as always…time. The biggest technical challenge is to get the game to run smoothly on the majority of Android devices. What works fine on a certain device or version, results in crashes on another device. Sometimes we even see differences in performance on similar devices. For example, Mark and I both have a Samsung Tab 2 10.1 bought on the same day, that both have their own bugs or issues. This really is a challenge sometimes. However, the mobile gaming to our opinion has only just started. Many evolutions on graphics, social and multiplayer possibilities will be coming in the upcoming years. After that I expect a shift to more “co-operative gaming” with multiple devices as well. A really fun and interesting future…always in motion the future is!”


Since April 2014 we welcome Marleen in our team.

She is responsible for Community Management. So, feel free to share your ideas, ask your questions and interact with Marleen via Facebook, Twitter, or email!

“I always aim to give you the best customer support, if you don’t get that from us, don’t be shy and let me know’. You can contact me on Facebook, Twitter or post a comment on our FORUM but when you need a quick answer the best thing to do is to send me an email. I will always do my best to help you.”


Any questions for / about us you would like to be answered? Or any great ideas for our games?

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