Kobra Kingdom: Arena Clash of Epic Heroes & Lords

Kobra Kingdom: Arena Clash of Epic Heroes & Lords


Battle with epic troops in the Arena!
In Kobra Kingdom you will train, command, and battle a wide variety of epic and legendary heroes, such as dragons, lizards, mammoths, gorillas, rhinos and crocodiles, in fast paced real-time strategy challenges, trying to defend your arena towers, and destroy your enemy heroes and towers.

Arena Clash of Epic Heroes & Lords
Collect and upgrade many cool creature cards, merge and evolve your minions to make your army even stronger!
Lead your pack to victory in epic duels, fight other lords in daily challenges, collect chest rewards, and earn cardpacks, collect loot and recover your army from damage dealt with in the royal arena.

With different map layouts and a variety of themed arena’s, this game will never feel repetitive as you are always challenged to think about the best battle tactics in your clashes with your opponent lords Kingdoms.

PLEASE NOTE! Kobra Kingdom – Arena Clash of Epic Heroes & Lords is currently in public beta. When the official game is released this game needs to be replaced, and all progress may be lost.

● Real-time strategy battles in different themed tactical arenas
● Each battle has different building layouts, with different tactics
● Earn chests and cardpacks to unlock cool powerful cards and creatures
● Upgrade, and merge/evolve your troops
● Defend your Kobra Kingdom, and destroy opponent’s towers to win chests and currencies
● Daily Challenges with high rewards, clash with evolving opponent lords
● Manage your card collection and construct your battle deck strategically to become the royale king of the arena