Help us creating a forum

We are working on a new concept!

We want to create a Forum for all our games so there is one online platform where you can fine all the information you need to know, and you will have the opportunity to discuss about the games with other players.

We want to ask your help to create it the way you want it to be. You will be the moderator of the forum and you can decide what kind of topics you want to start.
Are you interested in being a moderator? Please send me an email:



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Great news! More than a million user sessions from all over the world per day

We are happy to announce that we have more than a million user sessions from all over the world, PER DAY.

We worked very hard and we enjoy the fact that you love to play our games. We collect all the feedback that you send to us and we will always try to make the game the way you want to. Our games couldn’t be that successful without the community.

So THANK YOU very much for all the effort and support to help us improve the Sparkling Society Games!


Mark, Marleen and Edwin

List of Sparkling Society Games:

City Island (Android), (iOS)
City Island (Premium) (Android), (iOS)
City Island: Winter Edition (Android), (iOS)
City Island: Airport (Android)
City Island: Airport 2 (Android)
City Island: Airport Asia (Android)
City Island 2 (Android), (iOS)
City Island 3 (Android), (iOS)
Battle Empire: Roman Wars (Android), (iOS)




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City Island 3 update: watch other islands

Check it out now!

Today we launched a new update for City Island 3! With this update you will be able to take a look at the other cool islands of other players!

Check out the Google Play store for the Android update City Island 3

or in the App Store for the IOS update City Island 3

When you updated the game and you want to look at the other islands you need to do this:

  1.  Start the game City Island 3
  2.  Click on the leader board button
  3.  You will see a button to watch his or her island, click on that button and enjoy!

Watch other islands

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