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Paradise City Island Sim is LIVE

The last couple of years we’ve heard some great and nice comments about our City Building games. The new game, Paradise City: Island Sim is based on the classic City Island series but brand new, fresher and with the familiar gameplay as you know from us.


Some other Paradise facts:
– Classic City Building game
– 9 Islands

– 250+ buildings
– Happy Colours
– 40+ beautiful and cool NEW decorations
– Nice music
– Easy to play
– Translated to 24 languages
Jump into a Paradise and make your own beautiful City Island on iOS or Android.
Download Paradise City Island Sim here:
Enjoy the following giftcode:
*ONLY FOR Paradise City: Island Sim
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We are so lucky with you! :-)

Hi Everybody,
I receive a lot of really nice messages by e-mail or on Facebook and I want to share it with you, and I really want to thank you all for being such a nice community!!

Big hug,

Thank you for everything, all the help and support. I really appreciate all you as developers do‎ to improve and help where possible. Just the fact that you as a developer reply and respond to my inquiries, says a lot about your developers team. I will make sure to leave a review/comment which tells how much you guys really care about the people downloading and playing your games. Again, thank you.


A million of thanks , you don’t have no minimal idea of how happy i am
playing your games . A wonderfull experience. Superb..



Hi Marleen,

this morning I have optimised my tablet. I’ve also downloaded version
1.4.6 and guess what – it is WORKING!!! As of now, when I make changes in
the game and when I exit the program is saving the changes making them
available when I return to the game – I tried this over a several hour
break this afternoon and all seems fine!

Thank you, thank you, thank you – I can get back to enjoying CI4 now.

I appreciate you help and patience in making this right for me – love your

best wishes,

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Sparkling Society Team

Hi everybody,

Curious about us??  Check the picture 🙂
From left to right: Edwin, Ashley, Mark & Marleen

Edwin and Mark are the creative master minds, they develop the games, Marleen & Ashley are the community managers and will always do their best to help you with all your questions.

Slack for iOS Upload (1)



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