Welcome to Sparkling Society

We are a global player with multiple well known mobile gaming titles independently developed from idea to publication, over 125 million downloads worldwide, and a fast-growing multidisciplinary team of visionary experts.

We create imaginary worlds you can enter with the tap of a finger to start exploring and building. Your imagination is your only limit. Underneath that visible world, the hidden world behind the screen begins.

Halloween & City Island 5

Starting the 26th of October a special Halloween event will start that lasts the entire week. Complete challenges to earn awesome rewards, and if you complete enough of them before the end, you will win the new Haunted Mansion building! Of course no Halloween celebration is complete without some spooky skeletons walking around the city, so keep an eye out for those. The time has come to put on your scariest costume and enjoy Halloween in City Island 5!


Happy Halloween Fantasy Island 

On Monday 19th of October a two weeks event started in Fantasy Island. You have until the 2nd of November to show us you tricks an treat yourself to some spooky Halloween surprises.

By completing challenges you will earn candy, which can be traded for four unique, exclusive and spooky Halloween buildings. Once you have acquired each of those four buildings once, you will receive the Legendary Haunted Mansion as a reward for free! Do you want to treat yourself to more of those buildings? No problem! After you receive the Legendary Haunted Mansion, you can keep trick or treatin’ while the event is active to acquire the special event buildings and work towards your next Legendary Haunted Mansion!


Our other games

We also make other games, you can find our portfolio here.