If you are looking for free gold in the City Island games, there are a few easy ways to get free gold:

  1. Browse to or follow:
    1. https://www.facebook.com/SparklingSocietyGames every week to get a FREE GIFTCODE for cash and gold. Easy? :)
  2. Tap on the shop menu button in a game, tap on “free” and follow the instructions. You can enjoy many free offers, but also some offers for a small payment to get lots of gold. For example, to get free gold for downloading and installing an app. Just do it, start the app once and you’ll get the gold. You can remove it from your device at any time if you don’t like the app.
  3. Tap on the “video” icon on the upper left corner of your game. You can watch hundreds of video’s and collect hundreds of gold in that way. Easy-does-it. We have players watched more than 1000 videos and earned lots and lots of cash and gold that way!

We might add new free gold features later on. If you have ideas yourself or from other games, feel free to share them!

Amazing…10 Million Players…

We have reached this incredible milestone a few weeks ago in January. Coming from a downloads total of zero / 0 / null on 1 January 2013, this is absolutely amazing. We thought it would be fun to look at what happened last year and is happening now…in this post you’ll find some fun statistics and a sneak preview to what is coming this year.

Looking back at our first year 2013

We started a little over a year ago, two guys from the Netherlands with a passion for gaming. Our first game, City Island, became a huge success. Today, it has been downloaded millions of times and there are still almost one million active players monthly, with 30 million plays each month (so everyone plays on average every day!). As a small “indie developer” we are really proud we have achieved this.

The “Sparkling Society” has grown immense, with over 300,000 facebook fans from all over the world. This helps us to be a real steady ‘new kid on the block’ and provides us the possibility to give the “Sparkling Society” a two-way conversation, i.e. from us to the fans, but also from the fans back to us for example on how to improve.

Some fun statistics:

  • 150 Million times were our games started in the past 6 months
  • 10.887.287 downloads worldwide (which almost equal to the total amount of people that are living in the Netherlands ;))
  • 98.1% of all player sessions are from returning players
  • 1.845.192 downloads in January 2014 alone
  • 3.000.000+ sessions in 24 hours on 26 January 2014, our busiest day (…so far ;-))
  • 6 games spread over 3 stores

What’s up for 2014?

This year will be a great year again with lots of fun coming! Below you’ll find a first on our plans for the coming year. We will be focusing on the following topics:

  1. launching our games on multiple platforms (Android, iOS, Amazon, Windows, and perhaps even Facebook)
  2. launching more city building games, both sequels and brand new games and improve the current games
  3. launching new genres of games, i.e. battle games and trading card games.
  4. bringing our games to China as well

What do you want us to do more? Puzzle games, arcade games, …? Tell us what you like!

We work really really hard to achieve this, but this would never have happened without your help! With your feedback, 5 star ratings, in-app purchases, promotions, etc we are able now to live our dream and passion to fulltime create and improve fun games for you! We hope you will keep on supporting us, so we can keep ‘em coming for you :)



Edwin & Mark

PS follow us on https://www.facebook.com/SparklingSocietyGames to get free giftcodes to redeem in our games!



We have reached a milestone for City Island 2: ONE MILLION downloads in just 6 weeks!!!

Very popular city building game!

City Island 2


We are really proud of this achievement! This however does not mean that we will be sitting still and enjoying this success…no, we are constantly trying to improve the game (and all our other games) based on the feedback we get from our “Sparkling Society”! On top of our list of feedback is the ability to construct traffic squares, bridges etc in order have the canals, walkpaths and roads be connected and crossed properly. Great idea! Our designers are working on it right away!
Furthermore, earning gold seems to be a little too challenging in this game, so we will be introducing an exchange office in one of our next updates. So make sure to always download the latest update and don’t miss out on the fun and new features.

To stay tuned on updates and free gifts, make sure to follow our facebook pages:

If you follow the above pages, perhaps soon (tomorrow? ;-)) you will see a free giftcode to redeem in City Island 2 for 25 gold! :)